OPPO Launches OPPO Pad 2, Setting New Industry Standards for Flagship Tablets

OPPO has officially launched its latest flagship tablet, the OPPO Pad 2, in Indonesia. The OPPO Pad 2 is setting new standards for flagship tablets with its industry-first 7:5 screen aspect ratio, a powerful Dimensity 9000 processor, and an enhanced operating system and interaction experience.

Revolutionary 7:5 Screen Aspect Ratio

The OPPO Pad 2 introduces a groundbreaking 7:5 screen aspect ratio, offering a more comfortable and familiar experience when reading, consuming entertainment content, and working. Compared to conventional Android tablets with a 16:10 screen ratio, the OPPO Pad 2 offers a similar screen size with an expanded display area of up to 10%. Additionally, the 7:5 aspect ratio remains consistent whether in full-screen mode or split-screen mode.

Immersive Display

The OPPO Pad 2 boasts an 11.61-inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 2800 x 2000 pixels. The display also supports a 144Hz refresh rate with five levels of adaptive adjustment, offering power-efficient consumption in various usage scenarios. It achieves ultra-high color accuracy, equivalent to professional-grade displays, with support for 1.07 billion colors. Certified by TÜV Rheinland for low blue light standards, users can enjoy extended visual content consumption comfortably.

Immersive Entertainment

To match its impressive display, the OPPO Pad 2 delivers an immersive entertainment experience with four symmetrical speakers supporting Dolby Vision™ HDR and Dolby Atmos®. These elements work together to provide an audiovisual experience akin to being in a theater, with clear visuals and captivating audio.

Flagship-Level Hardware for Superior Performance

The OPPO Pad 2 is powered by the flagship MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor built on a 4nm process, clocking at speeds up to 3.05GHz. Coupled with high-speed LPDDR5 memory and UFS3.1 storage, the OPPO Pad 2 offers top-of-the-line tablet performance with efficient power consumption, ensuring smooth operation even with multitasking multiple processing-intensive applications.

For users who rely on tablets for work and entertainment throughout the day, the OPPO Pad 2 is designed to provide extended battery life and enhanced charging speeds. Equipped with a large 9510mAh battery, it can play video content continuously for up to 12.4 hours on a full charge. The 67W SUPERVOOCTM fast charging can fully charge the battery in just 81 minutes.

Smarter and More Efficient Multidevice Work

OPPO Pad 2 offers an intuitive and seamless experience for working across various devices. Multi-Screen Interconnection 2.0 supports automatic connection between the OPPO Pad 2 and OPPO smartphones running ColorOS 13.1 or later. With a simple pairing process, the  and smartphone instantly connect when both devices are nearby with Bluetooth enabled.

When in proximity to a smartphone, the OPPO Pad 2 gains full access to the smartphone’s communication features. Users can make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and stay connected online using the smartphone’s cellular data directly from the tablet. Therefore, while working with the OPPO Pad 2, users can enhance productivity by receiving incoming calls or messages without switching to their smartphones.


The introduction of the OPPO Pad 2 marks a significant milestone in the tablet industry as it sets new standards with its innovative 7:5 screen aspect ratio and powerful hardware. Its immersive display and entertainment features, combined with efficient performance and extended battery life, make it a compelling choice for users seeking a flagship tablet.

Additionally, its seamless multi-device work capabilities enhance productivity and user convenience, positioning the OPPO Pad 2 as a versatile and competitive offering in the tablet market.



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