Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy S Ultra to Feature a 432MP Camera

While the Galaxy S Ultra already boasts a massive 200MP camera, its successor is set to take smartphone photography to new heights with a whopping 432MP camera.

Hexa Pixel Technology

In July 2022, Samsung filed a trademark application for “Hexa²Pixel,” indicating that their camera sensor technology would implement Hexa²Pixel binning with a pixel binning ratio of 36:1.

Hexa represents 6, and when squared, it becomes 36. Pixel binning is a technology that combines data from neighboring pixels into one, resulting in better photos with reduced noise.

According to the reputable leaker Revegnus, Samsung is in the process of developing a new lineup of ISOCELL HW camera sensors. The first two HW sensors will be nearly 1 inch in size. The HW1 boasts an impressive 432MP resolution with a 1/1.05-inch sensor size and 0.56-micrometer pixels. The HW2 also features a 432MP resolution and is nearly 1 inch in size with a 1/1.07-inch sensor and 0.5-micrometer pixels.

Revegnus also reveals that the Galaxy Fold 6 will continue to use the GN3 50MP sensor found in the Galaxy Z Fold 5. On the other hand, the Galaxy Fold 7 will step up to the ISOCELL HP5 200MP sensor with a 1/1.3-inch sensor size and 0.5-micrometer pixels.

Back in August, this leaker mentioned that Samsung’s new ISOCELL sensors would enter mass production in the latter half of 2024, including the HP7 200MP sensor with 0.6μm pixels, GN6 50MP, and HU1 440MP.

Release Expectations

As for when Samsung will introduce the 432MP camera in the Galaxy S2x Ultra, it’s still uncertain. It’s highly unlikely that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature this camera tech in early 2024.

So, we may have to wait until the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra in 2025 to witness the 432MP camera. However, it’s more plausible that the Galaxy S26 Ultra or Galaxy S27 Ultra will be the first Samsung Galaxy phones equipped with the groundbreaking 432MP camera sensor.

The Future of Smartphone Photography

The race to enhance smartphone camera capabilities continues, with Samsung pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. While the exact release date is uncertain, it’s evident that the future of smartphone photography is set to deliver even more astonishing image quality and capabilities for consumers.

With a 432MP camera on the horizon, we can expect breathtakingly detailed photos and advancements in low-light and noise reduction performance. As technology evolves, Samsung is positioning itself at the forefront of innovation, making the upcoming Galaxy S Ultra a device to watch for photography enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike.


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